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Original design is the cornerstone of brand power

August 2020

In recent years, China attaches great importance to brand building, which indicates that brand building has officially become an important national strategy in the new era, and has become an important strategic means to deepen supply side structural reform and increase effective supply.
Humo super brand day is born in time. At the humo 2019 dealer conference, the European director officially announced: August 8 is the humo super brand day!

For many years, hummock group has always been committed to improving the quality of human life. It has set up a super brand day of humo and adhered to the original design, constantly drawing inspiration, letting imagination gallop and writing brilliance,
Signed a contract with Ferrari design group to jointly create one new creative design product after another, provide a number of original design products, and take seriously the birth of each product.

△Kitchen storage hardware Hiller 3.0 Gucci series

△Hardware Armani series

△Smart fruit and vegetable purification tank

△Humo intelligent clothes dryer DB9

△Humonggao door and window hardware - Ferrari series
Humo group follows the market development trend and meets the needs of users. It not only creates the industry benchmark, but also gains the favor of many consumers and the appreciation of peers,
Adhere to actively invest in product development and design, create their own original design features, no matter in product appearance design, or quality, hummock group has been making great strides forward!

△Chief designer: Leo Roth, winner of the German red dot award

△Humo star headquarters
Henkel group is well aware that innovation and development is the sustainable competitiveness of the brand. It will adhere to the original design route, continue to develop better original design products, and accumulate the strength of the brand,
Try our best to provide consumers with better original products and considerate service.