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"Call burning one hundred million hearts" in China's super hot blood return, valiant high help to show the hard power of the brand

December 2020

In a special period and a special competition, the Chinese Super League, which is called to burn one hundred million hearts, returns as he wishes. In 2020, the Chinese Super League, with the slogan of "calling for a million hearts", will be in full swing on the field, with more intense and exciting competitions, frequent suspense and eye-catching advertisements.

△CSL theme, pictures from CSL microblog
The Chinese Super League 2020 will not be ordinary. As one of the most influential, favorite and expected events in Asia, the CSL starts at this time, and its significance has gone beyond football itself. The return of CSL will ignite the passion of citizens and cities, and also marks the gradual return of national life affected by the epidemic situation.

△Brand advertising of humongao appeared in the CSL Arena
With the return and restart of the first hot blood in 2020, how can hummock miss this event. This "call burning heart" of the Chinese Super League, attention continued to explode. Under the guidance of Shunde District Economic Promotion Bureau and the promotion of Shunde Football Association, humo group has made full use of sports marketing resources, and its brand advertisement has appeared in the field of CSL, which has greatly improved the brand influence and popularity and realized the take-off of brand influence.

△The brand advertisement of humongao appeared in the competition field of CSL. The picture is from PP sports

△Excellent moment of CSL League, the picture is from CSL official microblog of CSL
For many years, humo group has been adhering to the product concept of "original design". From the aspects of product design, material use, technological innovation and brand communication, this brand positioning of monopolizing the leader and surpassing itself coincides with the fighting spirit of sports competition. The appearance of humo group in CSL is not only the beginning of going to the world, but also the realization of the concept of "striving for improving the quality of human life".

△Original kitchen storage hardware Hiller 3.0 Gucci series

△Hardware Armani series
"Hard work", "passion" and "enterprising" are the expectations and aspirations of football fans for football, which is highly consistent with the concept of "challenge", "innovation" and "persistence" of the spirit of humo group. Hummock will learn the spirit of sports competition and integrate into the enterprise, giving the enterprise continuous innovation impetus. In addition to helping the Chinese Super League, hummock group will continue to layout the mainstream media, adhere to the purpose and plan of brand voice and service to the public.

△Smart fruit and vegetable purification tank 2.0

△Humonggao door and window hardware - Ferrari series
Relying on its strong product R & D capability, adhering to the heart of the craftsman, the group has always adhered to the original design as the first driving force of the brand, persisted in promoting the innovation of products and concepts, and constantly challenged itself to break through the new situation.

△Humo intelligent clothes dryer DB9
The brand advertisement of humo group appeared in the CSL arena, which let consumers feel the strength and connotation of the brand, let more young people feel the vitality of the brand, and make the brand charm more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the future, hummock group will continue to bring more surprises to consumers and set a better example for industry innovation.
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