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Higold Outdoor Furniture Shows on CCTV, Paying Tribute to Veterans

September 2020

On the occasion of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Hainan, China Central Television’s National Defense Military Channel CCTV-7 specially produced a new episode of "Hello Veterans" interview program.Veterans came to Hainan on September 12, 2020 to tell the story of the Nansha soldiers guarding the reef. Higold had provided its outdoor furniture as a kind of support to the program.

The Nansha reef guards not only guarded the southernmost blue land of the motherland with steel guns in their hands, but also contributed infinite strength to the construction and revitalization of the national maritime industry. Their unremitting persistence coincides with the company's mission of insisting in the product concept of "original design" and struggling to improve the quality of human life. Therefore, Higold provides its outdoor furniture support for the interview session of Nansha Shoujiao officers and soldiers in this program, in order to pay tribute to the heros.