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Famous Designer Mr. Ju bin Recommends Higold Outdoor Funiture for his luxurious hotel designs in Xitang

April 2020

This is the first time that Xitang Næra Hotel cooperates with Master Ju bin, but it is the second time that Higold cooperates with Ju bin's design team. In the works designed by Ju bin, "modernity", "culture" and "artistry" are coexisting with each other. They are in common with the fierce outdoor furniture from the traditional and the present; the art and life are interlaced.

Ju bin adds traditional beauty to Xitang Næra Hotel, establishes a Chinese style garden with great vision and scenery advantages, and integrates the hotel into the traditional beauty of ancient town; Higold outdoor furniture creates a quiet space for Xitang Næra Hotel.The designer integrates Jiangnan culture into contemporary exquisite life aesthetics by selecting the classic Clark collection, and displays historical elements and trends together. The connotation of the high value produced by the combination of modernity and classique is far beyond the scope of "luxury".