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Goldchef Smokeless Gas Grill

Goldchef Smokeless Gas Grill

With vertical burning system, bring out a disruptive innovation

Grilling is a part of life's joy! Gold Chef, a revolutionary high performance grill that allows you to enjoy grilled food in just few minutes. One is enough for a whole family! The heat is on. Goes to 1500°F in 2 min, reinvents grilling and gives you steakhouse results at home.



Portable - 17.6Lbs, foldable structure

Vertical 1500°F infrared burner with piezo ignition

Flexible - compact, telescopic,patented wave-rack

Healthier - juice & fat drip into a flavour tray

Independent - 2 hours independent grilling

Comfortable - Rotating grill basket with flexible stainless steel mesh


1) Front Panel: stainless steel ( #430)

Color model :Top, side & back Panel use powder coating iron                                            

2) MINI Size gas grill

3) Built-in honeycomb infrared ray burner

4) Telescopic wave-rack with several grilling temperature levels

5) Patented rotatable grill basket with flexible stainless steel mesh for turning  ( GB-2 grill basket #304)

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