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Pierrick Taillard

Pierrick Taillard


piKs design, A family affair


At piKs design, everyone's know-how and influences intersect, collide and blend. The family is their foundation; meets a creed.

Graduated from Rubika (FR. Valenciennes), Christine and Pierrick joined Sylvain - specialized in marketing - to pursue a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at IAE (FR. Lille) and co-founded piKs in 2005.

Coming from industrial culture and the arts, designers pay attention to both distant cultures and their daily environment.

Followers of creative eclecticism, they combine craftsmanship and industrial thinking to reinvent the relationship between user and object, while playing on a permanent reappropriation of the repertoire of forms with elegance, simplicity and pragmatism.


Air France, AM.PM, Château Palmer, ENO, Line ART, Nature & Découvertes, Oravida, Roche Bobois, SNCF, …