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March 2021

As a representative outdoor furniture brand, Higold outdoor furniture is injected into the system and details of contemporary outdoor furniture design with the perfect integration of manufacturing process and technology,expressing the ultimate harmonious beauty between people and things, defining a new direction of fashion and leading a new modern outdoor lifestyle.

The outdoor furniture project is located on a cruise ship in an Italian port city named La Spezia, with rock mountains on one side and blue sea and sky on the other, which is known as "The Port of Goddess". Combined with the inherent regional advantages, the selection of outdoor furniture should start from ocean exploration, take the unique perspective of "Stalker" as the line, and integrate a story framework full of adventure spirit into the outdoor space.

A paradise on the Mediterranean coast——Italy La Spezia port

Project location:Poltu Quatu, Sardinia / La Spezia in Italy.

Project Name: Italy La Spezia port-55 FIFTYFIVE cruise ship

In the outdoor dining area on this 55 FIFTYFIVE cruise ship, the dining chair is a classic and original product of Higold Airport collection.The corrugated surface design of Airport collection is inspired by the roaring beauty of waves, it draws lessons from nature and presents the beauty of nature, which complements each other with the combination of cruise ship and the oecan

The Airport collection is a proud original work of Higold, the material is the best material of aircraft - Corrugated metal (CMS). It is the first to apply corrugated metal to outdoor furniture. It is the artistic crystallization of the integration of human wisdom and the beauty of nature.

If the ocean is the origin of all life stories, then the exploration of the ocean runs through the course of human development. Now, with this passion for the sea, we explore the shaping of an outdoor space, from the sails raised on the sea, the free flying seagulls to the meditation brought by the quiet deep sea... The ocean has been re guessed and defined.

Walking into the cabin of the cruise ship, Higold New York original collection comes into view,its unique design soul of hardness on the outside and softness on the inside allows people to have a comfortable rest and enjoy the fun of vacation while enjoying unlimited sea views.

The New York collection adopts a larger and deeper seating space matching design, the receptive decompression sitting feeling conveying the natural color of leisure and comfort, so that people can abandon the troubles in life; Simple and implicit style side plate, aluminum and teak wood are integrated, smooth and comfortable to touch, bringing a more delicate and flat touch

The blue of the sea and the sky and the boundless sea present a strong visual impact. Enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset on the sea, enjoy the exclusive leisure vacation, glow with vitality, snuggle up on the Higold outdoor furniture in the lazy sun, overlooking the open and boundless sea, vigorous and vast, leaving the narrow, crowded and noisy city out of the sky.

Higold outdoor furniture always adheres to the innovative design concept of "Natural and healthy life in the sun", and its innovative design and product quality have always been favored internationally. After years of precipitation, it has become the preferred brand in major tourist resorts, high-end hotels and villas at home and abroad.