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Zhen Zidan as the spokesperson of tough, high and hard quality, the strongest x is the strongest

January 2020

On January 4, higold Group officially signed a contract with the famous international action star, yen Zidan, as the brand spokesperson, and started the journey of cooperation between the two sides, which also means that the brand strategy development of humo group has reached a new height.

△Group Chairman Ou Jinfeng and Zhen Zidan signed cooperation agreement
At the signing ceremony, Ou Jinfeng, the chairman of humo group, said that for 17 years, humo has been focusing on original design and excellent quality, sticking to the enterprise mission of striving for improving the quality of human life, and sympathized with yen's artistic pursuit of "speaking with real kung fu".

△On behalf of the group, Mr. Ou presented to Mr. yen
A commemorative pen jointly designed with Pininfarina
For 37 years, Zhen Zidan has been in the shadow Road, sticking to the original intention of Kung Fu. For him, drama is more than heaven, and there is no end to practicing kung fu. He not only created a new peak of Chinese Kungfu performance, but also let audiences all over the world enjoy the essence of Chinese culture.


With Ye man's series of works, yen brings Yongchun orthodox to the public view, presents the image of Ye man's national hero perfectly, and is praised by the audience as the strongest in the universe. He has created a real Kung Fu tough guy image that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. He is a real power superstar.


As an innovative leader in the home furnishing industry, heygao constantly creates high-quality products with original design for consumers, focusing on high-end intelligent manufacturing, and shining the world in multiple ways. This strong alliance is not only a high degree of agreement between the two sides' professional concepts and hard image, but also an agreement reached by both sides to pursue hard quality unremittingly. With our real efforts, we present the hard quality of their respective fields.

In the future, Zhenzi Dan will be the "action star" shining on the screen, and there will be more excellent works to be presented, and henko will continue to focus on hard quality, adhere to innovation, adhere to the original design intention, work together with yen, and continue to strive to improve the quality of human life.